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In-depth Analysis from Five9 Finds AI Creates Exceptional Experiences in Healthcare

June 27, 2024

Findings show how Intelligent Virtual Agents improve communication, relieve overworked workforces, and streamline operations

SAN RAMON, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jun. 27, 2024-- Five9, (NASDAQ: FIVN), provider of the Intelligent CX Platform, today released new insights and best practices designed to help healthcare organizations leverage AI to exceed patient and member expectations, build greater loyalty, and measurably improve results. The analysis titled “AI in Healthcare: How AI Drives Value For Five9 Healthcare Customers” analyzes the strategies of 120 Five9 IVA healthcare customers leveraging its Intelligent Virtual Agent (IVA).

Five9’s customer insights shed light on the massive transformation in the healthcare industry. Patients, members, and customers are demanding greater control over their healthcare journey. At the same time, healthcare organizations are under greater pressure to improve high-cost workflows and meet the needs of an overworked workforce. Now more than ever, AI is instrumental in optimizing CX and cutting operations costs. By leveraging Five9 IVAs, healthcare leaders can better meet the needs of their workforce and customers, while unlocking operational efficiencies and remaining HIPAA compliant.

“Today, leveraging AI in CX is not just an opportunity but a necessity. People expect fast and personalized, on-demand care, and intelligent virtual agents empower healthcare leaders to deliver cohesive experiences that meet expectations,” said Jonathan Rosenberg, Chief Technology Officer and Head of AI, Five9. “By leveraging AI like IVAs, healthcare organizations can free up valuable time for their workforce and ensure more specialized care. The future of healthcare CX is all about enhancing patient outcomes through AI innovation.”

“Healthcare investments in genAI have the potential to play a transformative role in the clinical workforce,” said Shannon Germain, Senior Analyst, Forrester Research. “This shows up in the numbers: The market for genAI in healthcare will increase from $1 billion in 2022 to $22 billion by 2032. With all the excitement and potential, it’s understandable that leaders in healthcare provider organizations are jumping into action.”

The study shares:

  • Top reasons that healthcare organizations are deploying virtual agents today: The most common use is to improve communication, which includes call steering (24%), queue callback (25%), SMS follow-up (4%), and chatting with customers from the website (2%).
  • Resources for planning an IVA Project: Deploying an IVA is a significant project, and it helps to know what to expect. Five9 shares strategies to help healthcare leaders set performance goals (such as higher patient experience scores, shorter queue times, abandonment rates), design and build the IVA system, and better understand how to measure the success of AI in your IVA solution.
  • Customer success stories: Learn how 120 Five9 IVA customers are leveraging AI to create highly efficient and personalized experiences that deliver value. By implementing IVAs into its CX strategy, Exact Sciences reduced labor cost by 15 full time employees/year and lowered talk time by 13%.

Learn more about how Five9 can help improve patient loyalty and optimize the customer experience for healthcare organizations. For additional resources about Five9 IVA, please visit here.

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Hannah Blackington
Corporate Communications Director

Source: Five9