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Five9 Launches GenAI Studio, the First Enterprise-Ready Solution Offering Click-and-Customize Generative AI for the Contact Center

March 25, 2024

Generative AI-Powered Solution Brings Unparalleled Customization, Control, and Responsible AI to Customer Experiences

SAN RAMON, Calif. & ORLANDO, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Mar. 25, 2024-- ENTERPRISE CONNECT Five9 (NASDAQ: FIVN), provider of the Intelligent CX Platform, today announced GenAI Studio, an industry-first solution that allows organizations to take general purpose, off-the-shelf Generative AI models, such as OpenAI, and customize them for the contact center in just a few clicks.

Companies today are eager to implement Generative AI to inform and improve customer and employee experiences. However, many face challenges with pre-packaged solutions that often come with pre-defined models and prompts that do not align with an organization’s specific needs. GenAI Studio is a simple-to-use interface that will power all Five9 applications that use Generative AI models, starting with Agent Assist AI Summaries. It will enable customers to create, deploy, and test Generative AI prompts based on business-specific, contextual data. GenAI Studio also addresses organizational concerns around responsible AI with its ability to control the data that Generative AI can access and share.

“I’ve been impressed by Five9’s strategy to anticipate and meet demand for AI in the contact center through a combination of acquisitions and internal development,” said Dan Miller, Lead Analyst and Founder at Opus Research. “They took an early leadership position with market-ready AI solutions, and, with GenAI Studio, they provide easy-to-use tools that leverage their formidable array of resources to build, train, and test highly personalized virtual assistants.”

With a user-friendly, low-code, no-code Generative AI model and prompt management hub, GenAI Studio helps companies deliver:

  • Unparalleled customization that brings more personalized customer and employee experiences by using contextually relevant customer interaction data
  • Greater control and flexibility by empowering companies to take full control of their GenAI capabilities, ensuring that interactions align closely with organizational goals and values
  • Responsible AI by providing precise control and monitoring of GenAI outputs using their own trusted generative AI models

"Generative AI represents a revolutionary step forward in technology that can benefit the contact center. To harness it, we need the next generation of tools,” said Jonathan Rosenberg, Five9 CTO and Head of AI. “With GenAI Studio, customers can infuse off-the-shelf models with their unique data, making the Generative AI model their own. Delivering this type of capability with both power and ease has been a challenge until now; it’s in line with the core value proposition that Five9 has delivered and will continue to deliver in the future. GenAI Studio is the next big step in our journey to transform the contact center for the future.”

Key capabilities include:

  • Engine-Agnostic Layer: Customers can select from a range of Generative AI models. The power of choice helps future-proof a company’s investment and allows them to utilize the model that aligns best with their unique business needs – whether it’s a third party or proprietary Generative AI.
  • Knowledge and Personalization with Customer Data: Five9 allows integration of many forms of contextual data, allowing GenAI Studio to answer questions, summarize calls, or guide agents with information that is unique to their business and personalized to the customer.
  • Testing, Monitoring, and Observability: GenAI Studio provides Quality Management for Generative AI models in the contact center for more controlled outputs. It allows customers to test their customized Generative AI models using real call transcripts and utterances to measure performance and make improvements.
  • Prompt Library: GenAI Studio will come with a repository of sample prompts to help companies get started. This will help accelerate the prompt development processes, reducing the need for expertise in prompt engineering.
  • Powering all Five9 GenAI Applications: GenAI Studio will power all AI applications within Five9, starting with Agent Assist AI Summaries. This capability will give customers control over the output of AI Summaries, including the ability to add customer sentiment, condense or add context to the summaries based on audience, and format the summaries by describing what is desired.

GenAI Studio will be available in the second half of 2024. Click here to view a demo video or visit Five9 at Enterprise Connect Booth 1318.

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Suzie Linville
Senior Corporate Communications Manager, Five9

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