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Five9 Partners with Zoom to Provide Enhanced Agent-Expert Consultation

May 4, 2020

Joint Customer Live with Agent-Expert Consultation - Now Offered on Top of Five9 Integration with Zoom Phone

SAN RAMON, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 4, 2020-- Five9, Inc. (NASDAQ: FIVN), a leading cloud contact center provider, today announced the launch of an Agent-Expert Consultation experience which seamlessly enables contact center agents to access the subject matter expertise of any Zoom Phone users in the organization. As a result, agents can now answer questions more quickly and accurately.

PAR Technology Corporation (PAR) is a joint Five9 and Zoom Video Communications, Inc. customer that has deployed this new Agent-Expert Consultation solution.

In 2019, PAR, a provider of restaurant point-of-sale (POS) solutions, went live with Zoom Phone and the Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Center. The combined solution included cloud-to-cloud telephony integration, featuring direct network peering over a private network, and allowed calls to be seamlessly moved between Zoom Phone and Five9. This was achieved without incurring additional toll charges.

PAR then deployed Agent-Expert Consultation to help agents resolve complex questions efficiently. The enhanced integration allows agents in the contact center to communicate with subject matter experts (SMEs), who use Zoom Phone, to help them answer callers’ questions faster. Agent-Expert Consultation provides Five9 agents with a consolidated directory showing all Zoom Phone users in the company, organized by department. The directory also identifies when a SME’s presence is available, busy, away, etc.

Zoom Phone users are identified by department, allowing agents to quickly find an expert to help them. Once the right expert is identified, the agent can talk with him or her one-on-one, conference them with the customer, or transfer the customer to the back-office expert. Regardless of how the call is handled, the goal is to resolve the customer’s issue the first time, every time.

“Our legacy platform didn't allow our call center and phone systems to integrate, and didn’t allow us to be agile enough to easily collaborate across the company,” said Bernie Salvaggio, IT Director, PAR. “Being a technology company, we have experts that are spread across the globe. During support calls, we need to be able to quickly access those experts and get our customers’ issues resolved as fast as possible. We are excited to partner with Five9 and Zoom to greatly improve the customer experience and increase first contact resolution.”

Feature summary of Agent-Expert Consultation:

  • Agent Directory now also displays list of Zoom Phone users in the company
  • Zoom Phone users can be identified by department to easily find the right expert
  • Agent directory showing SMEs’ presence as available, busy, away, etc.
  • Agent can engage with an expert using simple and intuitive one-click consult, conference and transfer functions

“Five9 is proud to offer this best of breed solution for Zoom Phone users,” said Rowan Trollope, Five9 CEO. “Consumers are increasingly demanding better customer service. The ability for an organization to access an expert quickly will dramatically improve the customer experience and empower agents to engage with their customers with more confidence.”

“We are excited to continue our collaboration with Five9 to build a market-leading solution that enhances the customer service experience,” said Eric S. Yuan, CEO, Zoom. “With our latest integration with Five9, agents now have access to subject matter experts to quickly and easily resolve customer inquiries that make customers happy.”

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